Knitting patterns

Sini Hoo knitting patterns are written with care by an experienced knitter and test knitted by groups of independent volunteers. Sales from  this site are restricted to Finland only, but you can find the these designs on Ravelry in different languages and available worldwide. 

Jousi Socks

3,50 € (incl. VAT)


8,56 € (incl. VAT)


8,56 € (incl. VAT)

Ready made knitwear and made to order goods are currently available to customers residing in Finland only. If you have questions or requests for a made to order custom item outside Finnish borders, contact me directly: 🙂


Sini Hoo

Sini Huupponen

the knitter

Sini is a one woman knitting factory with experience of yarn crafts from over 25 years. As a teenager she hated mandatory knitting in school, as she dislikes anything she is not inherently good at. 

The second she was no longer required by her educators to knit she picked up the needles on her free time determined to get the hang of it. In her own words she is a huge fan of “climbing trees a$$ first” and her attitude with knitting originates from “f**k around and find out” -type philosophies.

Now she is sharing her hard earned wisdom so that others would not have to follow her path.


On site manager

Nöppä is the on site manager at Sini Hoo. The nearly 10 year old scottish lady has been on this job for 3 years now. Her relaxed attitude keeps her subordinates in place; her attention to never missing a  break time is unparalleled.

Making sure the factory doesn’t run over it’s capacity is an essential part of Nöppä’s duties.

Quality control is not an assigned job for Nöppä, but if unsupervised, she will test the products and their suitablitity for napping purposes. Our finished objects may, and most likely will, include a few stray hairs of this overtly vigorous manager.